Machame Route


(whiskey route)
  • 6-7 days

  • very scenic

  • extra acclimatization

  • 2 summit options

6 days

1-4 trekkers          USD $1830 pp

5 +  trekkers          USD $1800 pp

7 days

1-4 trekkers          USD $1950 pp

5 +  trekkers          USD $1900 pp

The second most popular route on the mountain, Machame is called the “whiskey route” because it is “harder” than the “coca-cola” (Marangu) route.

Climbers who take the Machame route enjoy some of the most wonderful vistas and trek via some of Kili’s most remarkable features… Lava Tower, Barranco Wall, Shira Plateau and the Karanga Valley are highlights. The route offers a variety of terrain and climates including desert, rainforest and glacier… and plenty of challenge for even experienced mountain trekkers.

There are two summit options… Arrow Glacier/Crater Camp or Barafu Hut (see the map, above)… and very importantly, Machame offers ample altitude acclimatization with opportunities for extra acclimatization if required… all of which results in a route with a good summit-success rate.

Machame is a good option for trekkers who are happy to brave a more challenging climb with some steep terrain and long days. It rewards the extra effort with some of the best scenery Kili has to offer, which makes it a popular route with sometimes heavy traffic in peak months.

Machame Route takes a minimum of six days to trek, but we recommend seven days for a pace that is far more enjoyable.