Marangu Route

  • 5-6 days

  • huts and bunks

  • gradual ascent

  • scenic rainforest section

1-4 trekkers          USD $1800 pp

5 +  trekkers          USD $1750 pp

Marangu is known as the “coca-cola route” because it is considered the “easiest” and most popular route on the mountain… and because the camps along the way offer hut accommodation with dining halls that sell cola and other beverages.

It is a route with a slow, gradual climb for most of the way so it’s suitable for trekkers of a greater range of ages, fitness and experience. Marangu boasts the most scenic rainforest section on the lower slopes, although it offers less scenic variety than the other routes.And if you’re climbing during the rainy season you may be inclined to choose Marangu for the only hut and bunk accommodation on the mountain.

Marangu’s comforts attract more traffic than the other routes, and trekkers follow the same path up and down so it can feel crowded… especially during “high-season” months. Also, it’s “easiest” reputation attracts more ill-prepared climbers so it has the lowest summit-success rate on Kili.

Marangu is best suited to trekkers who don’t want to challenge the steeper paths and/or those who would prefer not to sleep in a tent… but who are okay with having plenty of company on the climb.

Marangu route can be trekked in five days, but we recommend six for a pace that is safer and far more enjoyable… “coca-cola” may be the “easiest” route on Kili, but it is still a climb up the highest mountain in Africa.