Rongai Route


  • 6-8 days

  • remote wilderness section

  • good wet weather option

  • light traffic

1-4 trekkers          USD $1950 pp

5 +  trekkers          USD $1900 pp

The Rongai Route tackles Kili from the north, very near to the Kenyan border. It climbs gradually like the Marangu Route, but without the “coca-cola” crowds.

Rongai is the only route that passes through a substantial undeveloped wilderness area with the opportunity for wildlife encounters. However, once on the higher slopes Rongai offers less scenic variety than Machame or Lemosho.

It is a good option during the wet seasons because less rain falls on the northern side of Kili.

Rongai is well suited for trekkers who are not keen to hike steeper paths for long periods, and want to take a path less-traveled.

Rongai can be trekked in six days, although we recommend seven days for a pace that is safer and far more enjoyable.

How difficult is the Rongai route?

The Rongai route is considered to be one of the easier routes up Kilimanjaro. The climb is both gradual and steady. However, the Rongai Route does not have a great ‘walk high, sleep low’ profile which makes it arguably more difficult than the Machame or Lemosho routes in terms of acclimatisation. We offer both 6 and 7 day climbs, with the 7 day option recommended for better acclimatization.  This ascent route does not require technical climbing but the trails are strenuous and a good level of physical fitness is required.

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