Pemba Island

Pemba Island, set off Zanzibar and lapped by the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean is a position of true barefoot extravagance that doesn’t disillusion. This rich tropical getaway is very unfamiliar and absolutely a calmer choice contrasted with its outstanding neighbour, Zanzibar.

Funzi and Fundo beaches on the island are known for their pristine surroundings with white sand. The tropical slopes and timberlands inland on Pemba are likewise essential and reminiscent of any castaway symbolism you can bring to mind.

Pemba is encompassed by stunning lagoons(Fundu Lagoon being is one of the island’s ideal) and striking coral reefs, which are home to countless ocean life, including some bigger occupants, for example, shark, and every so often whales.

If you are an avid diver then, Pemba is the place for you with the waters encompassing the island holding probably the best plunge spots in Tanzania. While snorkelling is another water-based interest to appreciate, plunging is the most ideal approach to discover the Pemba Channel, which is known to drop to profundities of 2000m.

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