Our team can help you to choose which the best country  and best time to go  very  easily and smoothly complete your safari across different parts of Tanzania.  If you want to combine a Kilimanjaro trek with a safari, go for our attractive combination packages with daily group departures! Adding Zanzibar to your safari and Kilimanjaro climb adventure is a plus whether you make it as an add on to your Kilimanjaro trek or safari. Zanzibar remains a destination for individual travelers, a haven for pure relaxation and miles away from the chaos of rugged adventure.Many of our visitors like to combine their safari adventure with other exciting things to do and see in Tanzania. For example, some people like to visit other destinations that are easily accessible, such as Zanzibar which has much history and Arabic influence as well as the most spectacular beaches. Others like to do two or three different safari destinations, covering the Northern Circuit and the Southern Circuit.
Our combination safaris including the following:-
  • Tanzania Northern Circuit, Southern Circuit + Mount Kilimanjaro Climb
  • Tanzania Northern Circuit + Beaches
  • Tanzania Norther Circuit, Southern Circuit + Zanzibar
  • Mount Kilimanjaro and the best of Tanzania
  • Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzanian Safari and tour of Zanzibar
  • Mount Kilimanjaro and The Serengeti Wildlife Safari Park
  • Mount Kilimanjaro and a Wildlife Safari
  • Trekking and Safari