Trekking Kilimanjaro

My wife and I just returned from the amazing experience of trekking Kilimanjaro with Kili Dreamers. We did the 6-day Rongai route and made it to the summit!! Of course we would not have been able to summit without the amazing guides and porters that helped us along the way. Elly and Norbert were our guides and they were both outstanding! They are great people that are not only knowledgeable but also enjoyable to spend time with. The whole group of guides and porters were so helpful and friendly throughout the whole experience. Their positive energy really helps you through the tough parts of the trek. Once you are out on the mountain, you start to see all of the little things that kili dreamers does to separate them from the other guide companies. All of these little things really help to improve the experience and ultimately help you get to the top of the mountain, which is not easy! After such an amazing experience, Kili dreamers has my highest recommendation to all future climbers.